Young Workers' Project

The Young Workers’ Project has been hosted by Scottish Union Learning since August 2016. This part-time cross-union project brings together other STUC initiatives such as the Better than Zero campaign, the STUC Youth Committee, the Unions into Schools project, and helps facilitate educational opportunities for young workers across unions.

Focusing on sectors where union membership is low, spread over a number of trade unions and none, there is a clear demand for further learning opportunities amongst these workers as the nature of their employment makes it financially and organisationally difficult to access learning.

As part of its objectives, the project has organised several events:

  • Six Learning Fund workshops across the country aimed at young, precarious workers to learn about their employment rights and how to mobilise people in their workplace;
  • A two-day residential leadership course for young and migrant workers;
  • A literary event, in conjunction with Migrant Voice, for young and migrant workers to share their stories about the changing world of work and lives;
  • A Creative Writing course for young workers to learn how to share their stories;
  • A workshop on automation and the changing world of work.

The project has already delivered two training sessions for new Unions into Schools trainers, and a full day event for 40 secondary school pupils around the theme: “Standing Up for Yourself; Standing Up for Others.”

If you would like more information about the project, any of the events on offer, or to book a place, please contact Sarah Collins by email at