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Art & Activism Come Together for the Young Workers Project's Inaugural Artivism Event

Our first Artivism session took place last week with Janie Nicoll, President of the Scottish Artist's Union.

Organised by the Young Workers Learning Project in conjunction with Betterthanzero, the project uses art to explore issues raised by young workers in relation to work and society. A lot of the discussion centred on exploitative working practices, and power relationships within the workplace.

As a result of these sessions, The Young Workers Learning Project is aiming to create a pop-up style event or exhibition in March 2018, with the theme being "Exclusion". Anyone can be involved - all you need to do is create some art (e.g. spoken world, photography, painting, reclaimed space) around the theme of Exclusion.

People often feel individually excluded at work, perhaps because of their age, race, gender or abilities. This project seeks to use creative styles to point out that although Exclusion can feel very isolating it is actually a collective experience that we can challenge together.

The next Artivism workshop will be held at The Space, Gallowgate, Glasgow from 5-7pm, on 29th September. RSVP to Sarah Collins: if you plan to come along. Until then, get your creative juices flowing and make something which demonstrates Exclusion to you.

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Photography credit: Janie Nicoll

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