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Everyday Skills: Innovative Approaches to Learning in the Workplace

Scottish trade unions will gather at the Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow on Thursday, 22 February for the 10th Annual Scottish Union Learning Everyday Skills Event. Around seventy delegates from trade unions and workplaces across Scotland will come together to explore the theme: ‘Everyday Skills: Innovative Approaches to Learning in the Workplace’. The Event will be addressed by Dave Moxham, STUC Deputy General Secretary, and Jamie Max-Caldwell, Unite Community Organiser.

The Everyday Skills Event will enable discussions around digital developments and the use of creative approaches to engage workers in learning. Through interactive sessions, there will be opportunities to explore online tools to support workers with additional learning support needs, and to learn basic personal data protection skills.

Wendy Burton, Director of Scottish Union Learning, said:

“The Everyday Skills Event provides an opportunity for Union Learning Reps to develop knowledge and skills around Everyday Skills issues, and also to share resources and good practice. This year’s event will demonstrate how innovative and creative approaches to learning can equip Union Learning Reps in supporting learners in the workplace.

“Scottish Union Learning values the support from the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland and other partners, that enables us to work with trade unions to improve Everyday Skills among their members, enhancing their career prospects by providing access to high quality learning opportunities.”


Notes for editors

  • Scottish Union Learning is part of the STUC and was launched in May 2008.
  • Scottish Union Learning works in partnership with unions to drive forward trade union-led learning in Scotland and administers the Learning Fund and Development Funds, which are supported by the Scottish Government.
  • Union Learning Representatives help union members get access to training, new skills and personal development. They liaise directly with fellow workers, employers and training providers to identify a range of learning opportunities and make them available to the workforce. Unions and Union Learning Reps provide learning and skills support to many of the 580,000 trade unionists in Scotland who are affiliated to the STUC.
  • The term ‘Everyday Skills’ has evolved over recent years to include digital skills, financial capability, English language skills, and support for learners with dyslexia and other learning differences and disabilities, in addition to literacy and numeracy skills.

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