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Gallery: Women and Pensions Workshops

Do you know the difference between defined benefit and defined contribution


Attendees at recent Scottish Union Learning ‘Women and Pensions’ workshops in Inverness and Glasgow found out the answer to that question, and took the opportunity to ask many more.

Keir Greenaway, GMB Pensions Officer, delivered the workshop by giving a short history on pensions, explaining the ongoing changes to pensions and the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign, which has been one of the most enduring and well supported pension campaigns ever.

The Cridland Report found men had 25% higher income than women in the first year of retirement. In the EU, the poverty rate amongst retired women is 37% higher than men. Pensions don’t exist in isolation; they are deferred pay and therefore reflective of the wider issues within society when it comes to pay inequality.

Keir explained, "As workers and trade unionists, we know we don’t get anything that we want from an employer unless we demand it. If we don’t focus our attentions on decent workplace pensions, we won’t get them. Armed with the knowledge and tools from these workshops, the attendees are now ready to take this issue back to their workplaces to share the information on pensions with their colleagues and encourage them to campaign for equality in workplace pensions."

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To the right of the page, there also is a downloadable helpful glossary of terms. (link)

Find your trade union's pension expert to ask for further advice.

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