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New Free Cyber Resilience Courses Announced

After a successful run of cyber security webinars over summer, Scottish Union Learning is pleased to announce a free, more in-depth, interactive online cyber resilience course.

'Developing cyber resilience skills: A learning toolkit for workers'

This course we will give you tips and hints about how to provide cyber support skills, or training for your colleagues.

The course will cover:
● Keeping smartphones and laptops secure - making workers more cyber resilient
● Safer web browsing and spotting phishing attacks - building the digital confidence of workers

● Picking better passwords – encouraging an understanding of the fundamentals of cyber security

The course is ideal for reps, members or workers who are keen to develop their own skills and want to share this knowledge with colleagues.

To find out more register at any of the events here:

For more information contact Karina Liptrot –