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VIDEO: Catch up on Recent Cyber Security Workshops

Over the summer period Scottish Union Learning secured funding from Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit to run cyber security events online, specifically centered around the COVID-19 crisis. Over 250 workers from across Scotland joined in virtually to learn about staying cyber safe while working from home, on social media and during online meetings. Now you can take part too by watching the videos below.

Staying Safe on Social Media During COVID-19

Based on advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, highlighted were some of the current social engineering cyber-attacks related to COVID-19 and steps were shown on how to protect yourself. The webinar covered:

  • An overview of the main social media platforms and their security/privacy settings
  • How to spot phishing attacks and how to report them to NCSC (Suspicious Email Reporting Service)
  • ‘Do’s and Don'ts’ of social media – thinking about their digital footprint and the impact on employment and future employment
  • Keeping your personal and financial information safe online when using social media
  • Understanding privacy and confidentiality when using social media



Staying Safe and Secure Working from Home

With more workers having to “work from home”, what steps should they take to keep themselves cyber safe? This webinar helped manage the cyber security challenges of increased home working. Based on advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, see tips on how to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks on laptops, mobiles and tablets, and how to help you spot typical signs of phishing scams.

● How to make your “personal/working from home” set up cyber resilient

● Cyber tips for reducing the risk of cyber attacks

● Protecting laptops, mobiles and tablets

● Keeping personal data safe and company data safe

● Business Resumption - looking ahead to go back to work - steps to reduce risk (potential malware on people's home/work machines, sanitising laptops both physically and digitally) adapting to the next stages in the pandemic)



Staying safe in Virtual Meetings

In recent months, we've had to adapt and are increasingly dependent upon technology to keep in touch with friends and colleagues who are working from home. Based on advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, see tips on how to keep your video conferencing cyber safe, and include sensible steps you can take when using conferencing technology facilities, (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and Teams), to protect your privacy.

● Using video calling safely to communicate with friends and colleagues

● Taking sensible steps when using conferencing technologies facilities, (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, teams),to protect your privacy

● Help people feel more confident, and safe when using these tools, tips that will give them more control over what they share when attending meetings

● Help meeting hosts understand what responsibilities they should consider