Fair Work: Leadership and Equality Programme 2021/22

The STUC has obtained funding from the Scottish Government's Fair Work Directorate to enable Scottish Union Learning to provide support to unions in developing work around leadership and promoting equalities.

This funding is specifically aimed at developing leadership and promoting equalities at all levels within trade unions. The programme will support the diversification of leadership within the trade union movement and will help provide trade unionists with the skills to identify and nurture new leaders from under-represented groups within their union or increase the capacity of unions to deliver on the equalities agenda.

Bids that focus on developing the leadership skills of Equality Reps within the workplace are encouraged. This includes the provision of leadership skills which will support Equality Reps in discussing with employers the development of strategies aimed at tackling institutional inequality in the workplace.

The application process for the Fair Work: Leadership and Equality Programme 2021/22 is now open. For a copy of the criteria and application form for 2021/2022 funding year, please email Euan McLaren.

Lowlands and Uplands Scotland

Euan McLaren, Fair Work Project Officer, 07483 009716 or email Euan.

Tommy Breslin, Senior Development Officer, 07901 868584 or email Tommy.

Catherine Garvie, Senior Development Office, 07464 497577 or email Catherine.


Highlands and Islands

Craig Finnie, Development Office, 07485 327321 or email Craig.