STUC Equality Award

Equality Award 2022

Iona Fyfe being presented the STUC Equality Award 2022 by the First Minister at STUC Congress

Scots’ folk singer and union activist, Iona Fyfe of the Musicians' Union, received the STUC Equality Award at the STUC Annual Congress in Aberdeen. The award recognised Iona’s tireless advocacy for fairness within the industry, highlighting her personal experience of exploitation and sexual harassment.

Speaking bravely about her experiences, Iona works hard to encourage women and men in the music industry to also stand up and call out discriminatory behaviours which are prevalent within the sector.

Commenting, Iona added “It’s a great privilege to have received the STUC Equality Award with all praise and gratitude going to my colleagues within the Musicians’ Union”

Ms Fyfe, who was presented the Equality Award by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Congress, was one of Scotland’s leading activists in seeking further government funding for artists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has highlighted the continued exploitation that occurs within the industry, disproportionally impacting female artists. No one should experience or fear sexual harassment, abuse, bullying or discrimination at work. That’s precisely why I’m a proud member of the Musicians’ Union and the STUC, calling out and campaigning against abuse in all its forms."

Commenting, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: “Right across Scotland, in every sector of the economy, our reps and shop stewards are the face of our trade union movement in our workplaces and in our communities. Our annual Union Rep Awards celebrate these stalwarts and all those who have gone above and beyond this past year.

“This year was no exception and Iona thoroughly deserves her recognition as the recipient of the Equality Award for 2022. She has fearlessly held to account rogue employers who sought to exploit and abuse people within the music industry. Her bravery in speaking out, especially on her own experiences, empowers people throughout our movement to seek positive change in their workplaces, free from harassment and coercion.

Our reps are the lifeblood of our movement; an incredible force for good in helping others in need. Every single one of them deserves an award for the amazing work that they do and they have my utmost praise as they ingrain trade union values throughout their workplaces."

Wendy Burton, Director, Scottish Union Learning added, "Iona’s fight for equality in the music industry is inspirational. The work of the Musicians’ Union in supporting Iona demonstrates the need and effectiveness of workers uniting to drive forward equalities."

The STUC Equality Award short film further tells the story of the work undertaken by the award recipient Iona Fyfe, it can be viewed here:


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