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Women in Scotland 1900-2020: Workplace Struggles Project

Equal Pay Strike, Glasgow, October 2018Scottish Union Learning is delighted to announce a partnership with The Open University in Scotland and Glasgow Trades Union Council to create the Women in Scotland 1900-2020: Workplace Struggles Project.

The main aim of the project is to locate, create and collate a range of accessible learning materials on the theme of women and workplace struggle, which will eventually be available on OpenLearn as a single collection.

Pride March, Glasgow, October 2016Aiming to attract interest from across the Scottish trade union movement, a number of trade union councils from different parts of Scotland have already registered their interest. It is hoped that the project will also lead to a number of contributors and participants moving on to more formal learning with the OU.

The Project Team at the OU in Scotland is headed by Gerry Mooney (Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Criminology), Carol Raeside (Project Coordinator) and is supported by Helen O’Shea (Lecturer in History). Working with and supporting external contributors and learners are three Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Scotland Associate Lecturers: Thora Hands, Tricia McCafferty and Mags McCarthy. Women in Scotland 1900-2020: Workplace Struggles Project

This is a unique opportunity for trade unions to work with trade union learners to develop content for the Open University’s OpenLearn platform.

If you are part of a SUL-funded project and have any questions about the project, or would like to contribute to it, please contact your Development Officer.

If you are not part of a SUL-funded project and would like to contribute, or if you have connections with organisations and/or people in Scotland who may be interested, please email us.

The project information leaflet can be downloaded here in PDF format.