Union Learning Rep Development Days

Thinking Nationally, Acting Locally

The position of the Union Learning Representative (ULR) is by definition based within the locality of the workplace, as most union learners want learning to be organised within the workplace.

To support the continuing development of the ULRs’ skills base, Scottish Union Learning organises Union learning Rep Development Days. Workshops are delivered by Scottish Union Learning alongside partner organisations to ensure the content of the Forums is focused on the skills required and demanded by the Union Rep network.

The Forums also provide a valuable opportunity for reps to network and learn from each other. This is particularly important in the Highlands and Islands, where ULRs and other union reps may be isolated. Forums also allow ULRs to organise cross-union courses to meet the collective needs of learners across different workplaces and locations.

Dates for Union Learning Rep Development Days can be found in the Forthcoming Events section of the website.