Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships continue to play an important factor in developing the skills of the Scottish workforce. In 2013, Scottish Union Learning received funding from Skills Development Scotland to undertake work on Modern Apprenticeships with a particular focus on equalities, this included updating the Modern Apprenticeship Toolkit.

The latest version of the Modern Apprenticeship Toolkit (which includes the Case Studies booklet and the Your Rights as a Modern Apprentice publication) was published in April 2014. The Toolkit provides an overview of Modern Apprenticeships and outlines how unions can successfully engage with the programme.

The toolkit and supporting documents can be downloaded from the Related Resources box on this page, or from the links below:


You can also read our Modern Apprenticeships FAQs.

For further information on Modern Apprenticeships, contact:
Tommy Breslin, Senior Development Officer, on 0141 337 8152 or send an email

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