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ULRs at Development Day Learn about Cyber Security

The advice on how to strengthen a password used to be to have one word with random capitals, adding numbers and symbols along the way. However thanks to advancing technology, this advice is now out of date. Hackers using botnets can crack these style passwords often in seconds, leaving your personal details and data vulnerable to being stolen for fraud, or to send spam.

Gallery: Unions into Schools Training

On 30 August 217 Unions into Schools training took place, hosted by Scottish Union Learning and Better than Zero at the STUC building in Glasgow.

The event trained union reps to go into classrooms across Scotland as part of the Young Workers’ Learning Project, run by Scottish Union Learning.

Nominations Open for Learner of the Year Award 2017

2017 Learner of the Year, Lauren McDonald, with Jamie Hepburn MSPScottish Union Learning has opened the nominations for the 2017 Learner of the Year Award, the deadline for nomination is 22nd September 2017.

This Award is presented at the Scottish Union Learning Conference each year, allowing Scottish Union Learning and the nominating union to recognise and celebrate the achievements of trade union learners across Scotland.

Gallery: Hit the Ground Running Course run by BECTU

On 7 June 2017 as part of the Xpo North festival at Eden Court in Inverness BECTU ran the popular “Hit the Ground Running” course. Hit the Ground Running is an intensive and interactive industry training course for entry-level positions in film & TV drama.

Gallery: How to be Irreplaceable in an Automated Workplace

On July 12 the Young Workers Learning Project held a workshop at the STUC building in Glasgow called "How to be Irreplaceable in an Automated Workplace."

Will robots take over the world? Can they think like us? Can they act like us? Students were able to get to grips with understanding the practicalities of an automation revolution.