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Since its inception in March 2006, nearly 4.5 million books have reached hundreds of thousands of new readers and helped to change the face of adult literacy in the UK and Ireland.

These exciting, dramatic and funny stories are ideal for people who've stopped reading or find reading tough, and for regular readers who want a short, fast read. Quick Reads have helped hundreds of thousands to pick up books and enjoy reading again.

Perfect for use in workplace

Hundreds of employers have used Quick Reads to improve the skills of their workforce, experiencing remarkable improvements in attendance, productivity and morale.

In a survey of workplace representatives covering over 21,000 people using Quick Reads:

  • 82% reported colleagues felt encouraged to read in their free time;
  • Over 60% found staff now read for pleasure (and read different books);
  • 41% saw an improvement in employees’ communication skills;
  • 68% noted positive changes in staff attitude and behaviour; and
  • 70% said that Quick Reads have encouraged staff to try other kinds of learning.

Six fantastic new titles for 2015

Roddy Doyle - Dead Man Talking
Jojo Moyes - Paris for Two One
Sophie Hannah - Pictures Or It Didn't Happen
Fanny Blake - Red for Revenge
Adèle Geras - Out of the Dark
James Bowen - Street Cat Bob

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