Aims and objectives

The Aims and Objectives of Scottish Union Learning are to:

  • promote trade union led learning and skills development in line with STUC Policy on learning and skills;
  • support unions in identifying and meeting the skills and learning needs of their members and in organising workplace learning opportunities across Scotland with specific resources dedicated to the Highlands and Islands;
  • assist unions in identifying the needs of Union Learning Representatives and provide appropriate support;
  • provide assistance to unions in accessing Everyday Skills opportunities for their members;
  • work with unions to increase digital participation in workplaces across Scotland;
  • encourage and support employer engagement in delivering learning and upgrading skills;
  • establish relationships with partner organisations in the provision of learning and skills;
  • continue to develop resources for unions, ULRs, and learners; and work with the TUC in ensuring the provision of a comprehensive trade union education service suitable to the needs of unions in Scotland