Our structure

Scottish Union Learning was established by the STUC General Council to deliver, in partnership with unions, trade union learning in workplaces across Scotland, in line with STUC policy on learning and skills.

The Board

The Scottish Union Learning Board approves the Business Plan which outlines the strategic objectives of Scottish Union Learning for the year, and agrees and monitors the annual work plan.

The Board has responsibility for all Scottish Union Learning funding. As well as agreeing the annual budget, the Board oversees the allocation of funding from the Development Fund and Learning Fund, and monitors the use of any additional funding secured to support the work of Scottish Union Learning.

Union Advisory Group

The Board is supported by the Union Advisory Group, which is made up of trade union officials, providing advice and information on strategic and operational matters, and examples of good practice in trade union learning.

Partners’ Advisory Group

The Board is also supported by the Partners’ Advisory Group, which is made up of representatives of a wide range of partner organisations,

For information on becoming a member of either of these advisory groups please contact the Secretary of the Board.

The Scottish Union Learning Team

The Scottish Union Learning team delivers the workplan agreed by the Board each year. You can find contact details for members of the team on our contacts page.