Digital Unions: Cyber Resilience

PFA Scotland undertakes a Cyber Resilience Workshop.

Nowadays our computers, phones and tablets are filled with personal information – how can we keep that sensitive information out of the wrong hands? How can we protect ourselves online, spot potential attacks and feel more confident about using technology safely?

‘Cyber Resilience’ means being able to prepare for, combat, rapidly recover and learn from deliberate attacks, or accidental events that have a disruptive effect on interconnected technologies.

‘Cyber Security’ is a key element of being resilient, but cyber resilient people and organisations recognise that being safe online goes far beyond just technical measures. By developing understanding of cyber risks and threats, they are able to take the appropriate measures to stay safe online.

Building on the success of the Digital Unions and Cyber Resilience ‘Seedcorn’ projects, Scottish Union Learning was awarded short-term funding from Scottish Government to develop cyber resilience in workplaces. The project increases the cyber resilience capacity, cyber security and cyber teaching skills of unions, reps, members and workers across Scotland.

Working in partnership with Digital Skills Education Ltd, the project continues to deliver workplace cyber skills by providing a series of cyber security and cyber data protection interactive workshops. The workshops provide the opportunity to learn more about the most common type of cyber security attacks, how to spot attacks, how to store data securely and more importantly how to take steps to stay protected online. The workshops help learners feel more confident about using their devices safely and how to keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

A new cyber ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop, online cyber tutorial and training materials have also been developed. The workshop, supported by the online resources, will provide learners with the knowledge to improve their cyber security and data protection teaching abilities. So, whether they can spare five minutes, 15 minutes or two hours, learners will gain the expertise and confidence to deliver basic cyber security skills sessions with members in their workplaces.


For further information about the Cyber Resilience project and personal cyber security workshops, contact:

Catherine Garvie, Senior Development Officer

Tel: 0141 337 8124 or email Catherine

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