Equality Rep Network

Welcome to Scottish Union Learning’s Equalities section. Here you can find information on our work around the National Equality Rep Network and support available to Equality Reps including resources to support you in your work around equalities.

In this section, you can find links to our resources, information on our networking sessions and our FAQs on Equality Reps.

Equality Rep Network

We are currently working on further developing our National Equality Rep Network. The network aims to allow reps who work around equalities to communicate with one another to share good practice, offer guidance, receive support, and increase knowledge and contacts. At present, we are speaking with union equalities officers and reps, as well as union branches who are working around equalities about what issues they are facing and what direction they would like to see a future network move in. If you have any suggestions around this, or would like to get involved, please email Denise Christie.

For now, you can follow our twitter for updates.


This section includes important resources on key topics Reps identified as needing greater support on. This section is being updated regularly. While some of these resources are framed in a Trade Union context, others are from independent organisations, which should be considered when gathering information to relay to members. Please get in touch if you require information on a specific equalities topic.

Networking Sessions

Scottish Union Learning is organising two Scotland-wide Equality Rep virtual networking sessions, most likely using Zoom. The sessions will be an opportunity to connect with other Equality Reps from around Scotland, discuss issues we are currently facing, possible collective solutions, and any learning needs you may currently have. From these sessions, we hope to produce an action plan on how we can support one another through this testing time.

Facebook Group

The Equality Rep Network has a Facebook group with over 80 members. If you are an Equality Rep and would like to join the group, please follow the link and request to join.


To find out more about the role of Equality Reps, please read our FAQs section.

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