Health & Safety: Regulation, Enforcement, Unions and Fair Work

Health & Safety: Regulation, Enforcement, Unions and Fair Work

October 27, 2021, 15.45 – 17.15

Online Webinar, Crowdcast

Speakers from STUC, Scottish Hazards, Fair Work Convention, Trade Unions and The Health & Safety Executive.

Speakers will give an updated perspective on actions around visits and inspections to ensure Health & Safety regulations are being enforced in workplaces across Scotland.

We will also put forward our event plans for the coming months.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Terry Anderson, Community Development Officer, STUC
  • Iain Brodie, Deputy Director, Field Operations Division / Director for Scotland Health and Safety Executive
  • Lauren Reid, Health & Safety Rep, UNISON
  • Satnam Ner, Prospect & Fair Work Convention
  • Scottish Hazards

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