In recent years, the Scottish Government has provided funding to the STUC to promote, develop, and support trade union-led learning and skills. This has been taken forward by Scottish Union Learning through two main funds: the Development Fund, which facilitates the development of infrastructure within trade unions and supports the organisation and delivery of trade union-led learning in the workplace, and the Learning Fund, which provides funds to support the learning activity.

The STUC has been successful in securing funding in the current financial year to support the Learning Fund, the Development Fund, and Fair Work: Leadership and Equality Programme.

Scottish Union Learning accepted applications for funding from bona fide trade unions with membership based within Scotland. The bids outlined strategy for a maximum two-year period (2023-25) from either the Development Fund or the Learning Fund. Applications to these funds have now closed.

These funds are being made available to unions, through Scottish Union Learning, to support the work that they do in accessing a wide range of skills and lifelong learning opportunities for their members.

The Development Fund

The Development Fund supports trade unions in developing infrastructure to improve access to skills and learning for Scottish workers and to work with employers and external agencies to drive skills and innovation within the workplace.

In Lowlands and Uplands, Aegis, BFAWU, Community, EIS, FBU, NUJ, PCS, Prospect, RMT, SAU, UNISON, Unite and USDAW have received development funding for 2024-25.

In the Highlands and Islands, NUJ, RMT, SAU, UNISON and Unite have also received development funding this year.

Further details can be found here.

Development Fund quarterly report forms can be downloaded from the 'Related resources' section of this page.

Projects please note that the final date for submission of signed Quarter 1 reports is 4:00pm on Friday, 05 July 2023.

The Learning Fund

The Learning Fund finances collective learning provision. Delivery of these learning opportunities is currently predominantly online due to the Covid pandemic, but is normally in the workplace or at an agreed alternative location. The Learning Fund is funding of last resort and unions will need to demonstrate that all other avenues of funding have been exhausted before applying to the Fund.

Further details can be found here.

Learning Fund Course Application Forms (LUPS and H&I) for 2024-25 can be downloaded from the 'Related resources' section of this page.