The STUC has been successful in securing funding in the current financial year to support the Learning Fund, the Development Fund, the Digital Unions Project and the Leadership Development Fund.

These funds are being made available to unions, through Scottish Union Learning, to support the work that they do in accessing a wide range of skills and lifelong learning opportunities for their members.

The Development Fund

The Development Fund supports trade unions in developing infrastructure to improve access to skills and learning for Scottish workers and to work with employers and external agencies to drive skills and innovation within the workplace.

The Learning Fund

The Learning Fund finances collective learning provision. Delivery of these learning opportunities is predominantly in the workplace or at an agreed alternative location. The Learning Fund is funding of last resort and unions will need to demonstrate that all other avenues of funding have been exhausted before applying to the Fund.

Further details can be found here.

Digital Unions Project

The Digital Unions Project will enable unions to further develop workplace learning opportunities around digital skills, encourage greater employer engagement, and subsequently lead to an overall increase in digital participation in Scotland, in line with Scottish Government strategy.

Further details can be found here.

The Leadership Development Fund

The Leadership Development Fund will help develop leadership capacity within the trade union movement in Scotland. Unions have been invited to apply for funding, individually or collectively, to allow them to create new and original activities aimed at promoting leadership skills in ways which are interactive, challenging, innovative and expressly inclusive.

Further details can be found here.

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