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Data Detox: Take control of your personal data online

Feel like you’re sharing too much data? Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked “I agree” too many times, or generally feel like you’ve made too many accounts?

Our Digital Detox course will show you how to take back control of your digital privacy – but without having to give up your smartphone. Learn about how companies use data to track you, and we’ll show you steps to reduce the amount of data stored about you. No technical knowledge required.

This two-hour course will run twice (17 June and 24 June) and to be eligible, you must:

• Work in Fife, Lothians and Scottish Borders
• Be 24 years of age or above

For more info and to register your place, visit our forthcoming events page.

Interested, but don't meet the criteria? Register your interest in future dates at

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