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Digital Unions: Training Opportunities Available

Training opportunities in the form of workshops and taster sessions are now available to unions and union members through the Scottish Union Learning Digital Unions Project.

This is a great way to learn digital skills in a fun and social environment.

Digital Unions: Introduction to Coding for the Web

Scotland aspires to be a high-performing digital economy, and coding has become a valuable digital skill. Coding is the language used to tell computers what to do, and it also operates the software in phones, gaming devices and household appliances. Scottish Union Learning is organising 90-minute sessions to introduce learners to coding for the web, using the latest technologies. Learners will build their own digital postcard and be able to share their work online for friends and family to see, and take home their code to carry on learning at home.

No previous coding experience or knowledge of maths is needed and all equipment will be provided.

Access a tutorial and resource information or to organise a workshop, contact Catherine Garvie on 0141 337 8124 or by email at