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Equality Rep Network Activity

As a forum for discussion and ideas, the Equality Rep Network is an inclusive space where people can come together to plan learning positive action. Equality Rep Network members played a significant role in the development, delivery and dissemination of several Fair Work: Leadership and Equality Programmes, including EIS’ ‘Equality at the Heart: Leadership Learning to Embed Equality in Recovery’, and SUL’s ( Highlands & Islands and Cross Union ) ‘Solidarity in the Workplace’.

In the summer of 2021, SUL organised a series of webinars on key subject areas as a response to the expressed learning needs of Equality Rep Network members. This programme was contextualised by the Fair Work agenda. Themes included Women and Autism in the Workplace, Employment Law, Human Rights and Equalities legislation. The programme also covered disability awareness and social media in relation to work. In addition, quarterly online Equality Rep Network meetings ran throughout 2021, each with inputs from external organisations on themes which were contextualised by Fair Work, including cyber skills, older workers, women in the workplace and learning opportunities through Open University.

The Challenging Conversations webinar in January 2022 was an additional event. It focused on the practical challenges associated with organising and the Fair Work agenda, and laid foundations for future learning for network members. This session lead directly to a collaboration with TUC Education Scotland to develop an online learning resource around challenging conversations which, once completed, will draw directly on the experiences of trade union Equality Reps.

For further information on the Equality Rep Network, contact Denise Christie, Fair Work: Leadership and Equality Co-ordinator