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Gallery: How to be Irreplaceable in an Automated Workplace

On July 12 the Young Workers Learning Project held a workshop at the STUC building in Glasgow called "How to be Irreplaceable in an Automated Workplace."

Will robots take over the world? Can they think like us? Can they act like us? Students were able to get to grips with understanding the practicalities of an automation revolution.

The course was an introduction into the changing world of work in light of technological progress. Students were given the chance to build and code a robot of their own, and there was discussion on what sort of skills people will need in the upcoming years to face the challenges of automation, and how the Scottish trade union movement can support this.

Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the course; one said that they really enjoyed the layout of the workshop with the interactive activity at the end, and that they don’t usually get involved with trade union activities but they are keen to start now. Another thought that the tutors were very engaging and a made a once difficult subject area interesting.

The course will be repeated in August. To find out more about upcoming events follow us on Facebook.

Photo credit: Sarah Collins

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