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Gallery: Unions into Schools Training

On 30 August 217 Unions into Schools training took place, hosted by Scottish Union Learning and Better than Zero at the STUC building in Glasgow.

The event trained union reps to go into classrooms across Scotland as part of the Young Workers’ Learning Project, run by Scottish Union Learning.

Project administrator Sarah Collins said: “The Unions into Schools project has been running for a number of years, with trained reps working with classes and teachers to ensure that young people have an improved knowledge of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

“The reps visit over 70 secondary schools every year to provide flexible teaching suitable for a range of ages and abilities to highlight the importance of collectivism as part of the curriculum dealing with enterprise, careers and citizenship.

“The emphasis is on participative learning, involving classes in discussion, negotiation and developing opinions. We believe that by providing an enhanced understanding of the workplace we can play a part in equipping young people to be successful, not just in their working lives, but in wider society.”

The next training session will be held 7 October 2017. For more information contact