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Helpful Tips for Online Meetings

We've put together some tips to improve your next online meeting.

In advance of the meeting

  • Test mic and video camera (if used)
  • Read all papers prior to the meeting
  • Ensure you prepare notes of any items you wish to discuss during the meeting
  • Please aim to log into the meeting 5 minutes before the start time – to ensure connectivity
  • If joining the meeting from a mobile device, ensure you have the ‘dial-in’ number and conference ID
  • Where possible, take part in the meeting from a quiet space – to prevent background noise
  • Silence or switch off other handheld devices
  • Close down distractions on your computer (e.g. e-mail)

During the meeting

  • Switch to MUTE on joining the meeting
  • Remain on MUTE when not speaking
  • UNMUTE to answer questions or contribute as necessary
  • State your name and union when you first begin speaking
  • Direct your input through the chair
  • Make use of Instant Messaging / Chat facilities to note intentions to speak
  • Continue to share ideas and suggestions – just as you would if you were attending the meeting in person
  • Try to keep noise/distractions to a minimum
  • Ensure you allow others to finish speaking before responding – this will help to avoid any confusion or contributions being missed.
  • Speak to the point and be as concise as possible
  • Be respectful of others