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ULRs at Development Day Learn about Cyber Security

The advice on how to strengthen a password used to be to have one word with random capitals, adding numbers and symbols along the way. However thanks to advancing technology, this advice is now out of date. Hackers using botnets can crack these style passwords often in seconds, leaving your personal details and data vulnerable to being stolen for fraud, or to send spam.

Union Learning Reps at last week's Inverness Development Day learnt how to improve their personal cyber security at a workshop held by Digital Skills tutor, Craig Steele, who helped them bolster their passwords to make them virtually impossible to crack. The ULRs discovered how to spot potential fraud, and learnt about how websites are battling fraudsters by using two step authentication.

Craig Steele’s team also performed a live cyber hack to show exactly how susceptible internet users can be to predators. By having strengthened personal cyber security, and knowing how to spot suspicious websites, ULRs can feel more confident going online and using computers safely.

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