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Safety first for top union member

Glasgow resident William Reynolds takes home top union prize for health and safety.

NASUWT member William Reynolds has taken home the Frank Maguire Award for Health and Safety at the STUC annual congress.

The STUC, Scotland’s largest trade union body, awarded the Glasgow native the top prize for his commitment to health and safety following his work on tackling abuse and violence against teachers at Bannerman High School.

William has been a long standing rep within the school and over an extended period has demonstrated an exemplary record of taking steps, all the way up to industrial action, to protect his members against assaults at work, on the sure foundation that no teacher should ever have to experience abuse in the classroom.

The NASUWT member has also shown enormous courage and resilience in the face of significant pressure by Glasgow City Council and has been wholly committed to ensure that the employer would not be able to intimidate staff taking lawful industrial action or punish them for taking measures to protect their personal safety.

The award was presented to William by First Minister Humza Yousaf at the STUC annual congress in Dundee.

Commenting, Mr Reynolds said:

“No one should face abuse, threats or violence at work. I am proud that a strong industrial response has helped reach a resolution.

"This campaign and dispute was about more than a single issue or a single pupil, it was about creating a more positive working environment for all staff within the school and in working through the dispute improvements in the industrial relations culture with Glasgow City Council were also able to be achieved.

"This award shows the strength of our movement and our members. That when we collectivise, unionise and fight for better conditions, workers throughout Scotland are a force to be reckoned with.”


Commenting, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer added:

"Right across Scotland, in every sector of the economy, our reps and shop stewards are the face of our trade union movement in our workplaces and in our communities. Our annual Union Rep Awards celebrate these stalwarts and all those who have gone above and beyond this past year.

"This year was no exception and William is a leading light of our movement, going above and beyond for his members at Bannerman High School.

"I agree with the NASUWT. William has been in a lynchpin role, providing continuity, confidence and support to members in the school who were dealing with violence and disruptive behaviour.

"Our reps are the lifeblood of our movement; an incredible force for good in helping others in need. They have my utmost praise as they ingrain trade union values throughout their workplaces.”


Watch William's story in the STUC Frank Maguire Award short film below.