National Transition Training Fund – Aviation Covid Recovery Fund Two

Details of subsidy control relating to this programme

Support for: Skills Training for Aviation sector

Legal basis

This scheme operates under the UK/EU and EAEC: Trade and Cooperation Agreement [TS No. 8/2021], (Article 366.1) as of 01 April, 2022.

Scottish Ministers exercise their powers under Section 2 of the Employment and Training Act 1973 to make the grant award for this scheme via Scottish Union Learning.

General provisions

The Aviation Covid Recovery Fund aims to facilitate, through Scottish Union Learning skills support in partnership with Unite the Union, the future sustainability of the sector which has been so heavily impacted by the Covid pandemic. The objective is to enable existing staff to upskill or retrain, and maintain their skills to help them retain their jobs and support the recovery of the sector as volumes of flights increase.

As part of an extension to Year Two delivery of the National Transition Training Fund, the Covid Recovery Fund will disburse costs for training undertaken up to £292,000 in total in the period from 1st April 2022 to 31st August 2022. The Fund is open to those employed in the aviation sector. Although managed as part of the Scottish Government’s and Scottish Union Learning in partnership with Unite the Union, it is open to employees who are not union members.

Aid intensities

This scheme intends to fund up to 100% of eligible training costs.

Eligible costs

The Fund will work with employees and individuals employed across Scotland in the aviation sector. Training will be delivered in line with training needs analyses conducted with Unite the Union. Identified training must align to the objective of the Fund. All training must be agreed between Unite the Union and the employer and will focus on workplace skills. Costs incurred due to the training will be met through The Fund.


The Fund is restricted to aviation workplaces in Scotland.


Tommy Breslin, Senior Development Officer, Scottish Union Learning.

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