Young Workers' Project

The Young Workers' Learning Project delivers courses that give young and precarious workers the skills to build collective power and take control of their work. Hosted by the STUC on behalf of affiliated unions, it supports other STUC initiatives including the Better than Zero campaign, the STUC Youth Committee, and the Unions into Schools project, and helps facilitate educational opportunities for young workers across unions.

Focusing on sectors where union membership is low, spread over a number of trade unions and none, there is a clear demand for learning amongst workers whose employment and lack of union recognition makes it financially and organisationally difficult to access training.

In 2018, the project is running a programme of events aimed at building control, based on the theme of ‘Controlling the Future’. These include:

  • A residential leadership course in February 2018 for young precarious workers, teaching how to build confidence and consensus amongst colleagues to challenge exploitation in their workplace;
  • A film-making course in March 2018 where participants will be taught to capture, edit and produce a film focused on the past and future of precarious work as part of the Radical Film Festival;
  • A school programme called ‘Is Everything Under Control?’ designed to introduce school pupils to the nature of work today and in the future. This included a school visit in December 2017, and will include a PowerPoint-making competition in Dundee as well as Unions into Schools visits across the country;
  • A day-long training session in April 2017 focused on the collaborative and ‘gig’ economy where workers will share skills for building collective action, and gathering data to increase their power; and
  • An Artivism exhibition in the Spring, building on monthly sessions where young workers have produced art on the themes of exploitation and control.

For more information about the project, any of the events, or to book a place, please contact Cailean Gallagher, STUC Campaigns and Communications Officer, at