STUC Equality Award

Equality Award 2020

Kate SangThe recipient of the 2020 STUC Equality Award is Kate Sang, UCU. Kate is UCU Equality Rep at Heriot Watt University and Professor of Gender and Employment Studies at Edinburgh Business School.

Kate’s tireless commitment to equity and equality has had a major impact on her own workplace, her union and other workforces. She has been particularly effective in advocating for disability awareness and inclusivity and has written prolifically with an intersectional approach to explore the experiences of disabled women.

Kate sits on various equality-focused cross-party working groups within the Scottish Government and Westminster. She is also developing training for UCU reps to improve representation and inclusion within the university, and her work has seen disability awareness improving in the Scottish universities and UCU branches she is involved with.

There is substantial and growing evidence that Kate’s efforts are challenging the organisational culture in her workplace to benefit disabled colleagues, and at a government level to inform and influence at policy level.